Web development as a career path

Web development as a career path

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Intro to web development Web development is the act or process of developing a website or a web app. This also involves creating a well-designed outlook and functionality of web software that is easily accessible to the users. Web Development is one of the fastest-growing fields in the tech industry and Job opportunities are predicted to expand further by 13% between 2020 and 2030 according to the US bureau of labor statistics with an average pay of $77,200 per year.

Types of web developers There are three types of web developers

  • The front-end developer
  • The back-end developer
  • The full stack developer

1.The front-end developer Front-end developers are those who manage the visible aspect of the website. This can be referred to as the client-side interface. They manage the way the web pages work and link them to other web pages as well as the design of the web page. They are mainly concerned with the page which is seen by the user. They work on mainly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2.The back-end developer The back-end developers are those who maintain the server-side of a website, they are more concerned with how a website works and links together with a database to draw information. The back-end developers mainly work with APIs (Application Programmable interface), data collection, back-end logic, and architecture. This is the part of a website the user cannot see. An example is when you fill a form on a website, ever wonder how and where that goes to? It's managed by back-end developers. They use languages like Php, SQL, and C#.

3.The full stack developer Full stack developers are those concerned with everything done on a website. They have knowledge of the backend as well as the front-end aspect of web development and are fully able to implement this in making a complete and fully functioning website.

Skills required to be a web developer There are prior skills to become a web developer here are some of them:

Creative thinking Web developers should have a good graphic designer because he/she would need to design a webpage appealing to the user as well as need to create well-working interfaces that are easily understood.

Programming skills A good web developer must be a good programmer and should be able to think logically to implement various skills and logic into websites to improve use and functionality.

Collaboration skills Web developers are usually hired and put in teams because building and managing a website is quite a huge amount of work for a single individual so a good web developer should have good communication and collaboration skills.

Programming Languages and other software tools needed

1.A markup language HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) is one of the most popular markup languages today and is used for the basic aspect of web designing which includes the creation of text-based formats, headers, footers, buttons, and so on.

2.A styling sheet language CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) shines in this case as it is the most widely used ruling format to design a web page applying colors, graphics, and so on.

3.A scripting language Javascript is the scripting language that can be used inline in the markup language or externally, it gives functionality to a website. It is required to learn one or more of its libraries or frameworks like Angular or Vanilla Js.

4.A back-end language C# and PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) are great languages used in the back end, and server-side programming, they contain easy and reliable features.

5.A database language SQL (Structured Query Language) is a popular database language for data usage, storage, and management.

6.Version control Git is a good version control system that is used to store and update web pages without causing errors on the new features uploaded.

Conclusion. The road of a thousand miles begins with a step, If you end up deciding to follow this aspect it'll be beneficial as long as you have these skills and knowledge. Hope you enjoyed reading this article, like, share and comment your thoughts.

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