Read environment variables set in Github Secrets from your code/test

Read environment variables set in Github Secrets from your code/test


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At times while CI/CD with Github Actions, you need to read environment variables stored in Github Secrets. This article describes how you can access Github Secrets stored in Github while doing CI/CD.


  • Go to Github Repository > Settings. From the left menu, selection Secrets > Actions

Actions link

  • Select New repository secret and add a key-value pair. For our example, we have used the key name as T1 and Value as Hello world and save it

Save actions secret

  • Once you save it, it should be visible on the screen

Secrets list

  • You need to add the secret in your Github Actions Workflow file where it can be called as.
    T1: ${{secrets.T1}}

Here, the value secrets.T1 stored in Github Secrets is assigned to a Runner environment variable with key T1. secrets is a prefix that you need to use to access the variable from Github

  • Lastly, here is the skeleton of the Github Actions that you need to call.
name: Read environment variable in Github Secrets from your program

        branches: ["master"]
        branches: ["master"]

    T1: ${{secrets.T1}}

        runs-on: ubuntu-latest
            - uses: actions/checkout@v3

            - name: Environment list
              run: env


  • I have created a sample Golang program to demonstrate a complete Workflow Github Actions workflow. Once you do that, you should access this in your unit tests and code (for the sample Golang program) as
env1, err1 := os.LookupEnv("T1")
log.Println(env1, err1)

Download source code

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