Programming: where to begin

Programming: where to begin

At the start of a tech journey, one might be overwhelmed at first due to the vast availability of different programming paths and might wonder where to begin. In this article, I'll be sharing how to begin and where to start learning to program or code as soon as possible. First, it is important to have a computer system when programming, android interfaces have been developed but have certain limitations to them. Next, choose a tech path, there are several paths in this field of study. Here are some of them:

  • Web development
  • Cyber Security
  • Software development
  • Data Science
  • Database administrator
  • Cloud computing

In addition to the several fields of programming, some languages are specific and work better in these aspects. Here are the roles of each of the above fields and the recommended languages.

  • Web development:This field of study comprises people who write codes or programs to create websites and design the look and functions. Recommended languages to learn for this among others are HTML(Hypertext markup language), CSS(Cascading style sheet), and Javascript. You can learn at freecodecamp.
  • Cyber Security:This field involves the management of software security online to prevent hackers from getting through important files or devices that can be harmful to the organization or private data. Their main aim is to protect data from cyber-attacks. Programming languages viable here include Python, Javascript, PHP, and Shell scripting. You can learn more about this field at TryHackMe.
  • Software Development:This field involves the designing, programming, maintenance, and updating of various software programs on the computer or mobile devices. Programming languages best to learn in this field include Python, Java, and C++. You can learn more about how to begin at Udemy.
  • Data science:This field of study includes the gathering, management, cleaning of data, using the data to draw insight with the help of visualization, and building machine learning models to predict new outcomes based on the data. Languages to learn in this field include Python or R, and SQL(Standard query language). You can learn at Datacamp.
  • Database administrators:These are involved in the arrangement and maintenance of a database. Programming languages to learn in this field include Python, SQL, and Java. You can learn at Oracle.
  • Cloud computing: This is the delivery and management of databases, servers, networking, and storage over the Internet. They work on what is called "the cloud" which are servers that can be accessed over the internet that include databases and storage. Programming languages recommended for this are Java, Golang, and PHP. You can learn at Amazon web services.

One of the most popular places to learn about these courses and others is Udemy. It contains various tutorials and videos as well as the certification at the end of the course. Seen one that sparks your interest? After picking your desired career path and programming languages to learn it's important to build projects and create a portfolio/CV/Resume which will increase your chances of getting a job in the future. One way to do this is by joining and contributing to open source projects which can easily be done at Techpro club is a platform to help you hone your programming skills and learn to collaborate with people early on in your career even as students or freshers. You will get to work with people in a related field, ask questions and learn. You can visit the GitHub repository here. All that's left now is for you to start, Wish you a wonderful programming journey ahead.

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