Listing techproclub to hacktoberfest

Listing techproclub to hacktoberfest


It's that season again when open source projects and communities are at their peak. Yes, that's right, it's hacktoberfest season, and this year will be listed among the projects to be worked on.

What is hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is a yearly event organized by digital ocean that happens every October to give all range of programmers, beginners to professionals the opportunity to join open source communities and contribute to open source projects, this will help start-ups and those that create projects progress faster as well as a good opportunity to learn for beginners. This is a good opportunity for freshers since they will get more experience and be able to add it to their portfolios.

What is techproclub? is a platform that encourages contribution to open source projects for freshers and beginners which guides them on a programming path and helps them gain experience along the way. They get to collaborate with people early in their careers and improve their programming skills. This platform also helps beginners integrate useful links(GitHub, LinkedIn, StackOverflow, and so on) all into one place and help build a better portfolio.

How to get ready for this event?

The event will begin on October first and end on October 31st.

Link to hacktoberfest

How to register

Registration will begin on the 26th of September, here's a link on how to do so.

How to contribute.

After registering on Octoberfest, here's how to begin contributing to

What languages are going to be used?

We use the following languages to code our platform:

  • Golang
  • Bootstrap
  • MongoDB
  • Aws ses

What issues are available?

We will give a list of issues on GitHub that you can fix. These will be available at the start of the event so everyone has a fair chance at working on them.

What will you get in return?

  • Listing your name in Github contributors: Your name will be listed among the contributors who helped make and develop the site and you'll be able to add it to your portfolio.

  • Special mention in website: Your name will be mentioned on the website as a contributor.

  • Gain knowledge and experience: You'll get first-hand experience in collaboration and working on open source communities which will further your knowledge and understanding of the programming language.


We are excited to partake in this event and can't wait to see what all will come up with, see you there this October, you can read more on and its aims and vision at their GitHub page on the files. Happy hacking. Link to GitHub

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