Introducing A platform to discover amazing opensource projects

Introducing A platform to discover amazing opensource projects

Let's contribute to the open-source projects and help them find contributors and adopters


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What is common in Linux, VLC player, and MongoDB? Yes, they are all popular open-source softwares. Their source codes are open for anyone to use and make changes. It is the contributions from people which make these projects robust and their adopters make them popular.

However, managing an open-source project is a difficult task. It requires a lot of technical skills in terms of writing code, fixing issues, managing documentation, writing test cases, deployment, automation, CI/CD, and providing support. Then comes the product promotion starting with writing blogs, managing social media, and optimizing for SEO. All these can be very draining and an individual cannot do all these alone.

That's where we come in. is an open-source platform for project owners to find the right team to build and manage their projects, however small or big they may be. At the same time, posting a project on our platform reaches out to a vast network of contributors, saving them a lot of effort and money in promotion.

Why Techpro.Club?

If you are an open-source project owner, you can take advantage of our extensive network of contributors to post your project details. We will ensure that your contribution request reaches out to the best contributors, matching your project criteria. If a matching contributor finds your project interesting, he/she can directly go to your project repository and start working. Visit and register yourself

Benefits for Project owners

  1. Find a great team to build and manage your project.
  2. Promote your project amongst a vast network of our contributors without the hassle to promote elsewhere.
  3. Save a lot of money.

Benefits for contributors

  1. Opportunity to work on amazing projects.
  2. Enhance your skills and developer portfolio by contributing to projects.
  3. Opportunity to earn from paid projects or get hired.

Features roadmap

We are currently in the beta stage and currently accepting projects and contributors. Here is the list of features and our roadmap for the future.

  • [x] v 0.1
    • [x] User Authentication
    • [x] Contributor preferences
    • [x] Projects Create, Read, Update
    • [x] Registration welcome email
    • [x] Master templates
  • [ ] v 0.2
    • [ ] Profile management - avatar, delete account, etc.
    • [ ] Project feeds
    • [ ] Feed filters
  • [ ] v 0.3
    • [ ] Notification for contributors
    • [ ] Notification for projects
  • [ ] v 0.4
    • [ ] Project invite members
    • [ ] Project manage members
    • [ ] Share on social media
  • [ ] v 0.5
    • [ ] Project analytics
  • [ ] v 0.6
    • [ ] Badges
  • [ ] v 0.7
    • [ ] Integration with Gitlab
  • [ ] v 0.8
    • [ ] Integration with Bitbucket
  • [ ] v 0.9
    • [ ] Integration with Azure

More to follow once these are achieved.

Built With


  • Linode - The code is hosted on Linode Ubuntu server along with MongoDB database on the same instance



Install Mongodb and set the credentials in .env file described here

Github Project

Github project is needed to authenticate users. You may do so by visiting Note the Client ID and Client secret. Also, set two Callback URLs for project and contributor authentication.

Note - Create a Github App and not an OAuth App because the latter doesn't permit multiple callback URLs.

Running and Deployment

  1. Clone the repo
     git clone
  2. Set Environment variables Rename the src/.env.sample to src/.env and replace it with actual credentials obtained from the steps mentioned in Prerequisites.

  3. Install Golang dependencies

     cd /path/to/project
     go mod tidy
  4. Run the project
     go run main.go
    Open a browser and hit http://localhost:8080


We want to make it easy for project owners to find a contributing team and easily promote their ideas. In the meantime, we are constantly building and similarly looking for contributors to help our community grow. If you want to contribute to us, visit our Github repository mentioned below.

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