Helping students and freshers build a tech portfolio

Helping students and freshers build a tech portfolio

We help students and freshers build their career portfolios by encouraging them to contribute to open-source projects.


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It's been two months since our version 0.1 release. We were constantly developing and are happy to launch version 0.2 today.

We launched the platform with the idea of helping open source projects find more contributors and adopters while as a developer you build your live developer portfolio. However, we are changing our approach to the project a little.

(Quick Recap :Introducing A platform to discover amazing open source projects)

What has changed?

Our Focus ๐Ÿ‘“

We are completely focusing on onboarding students and freshers who wish to build a career in Tech or are exploring the options. While early in their careers, they have a tremendous opportunity to learn and create fantastic softwares.

Techpro club is a platform to help them hone their programming skills and learn to collaborate with people early on in their careers. While they contribute to projects, ask questions, and share knowledge, we track them down in one place and help them build a better portfolio.

New Features โœจ

Our new platform features a lot of new additions. Here is the summary

  1. Fresh new layouts
  2. Project bookmarks. You can now bookmark your favorite projects.
  3. Project reactions help show support and love to projects
  4. Project preview to see project details
  5. Feeds for developers to check the latest projects
  6. Profile management
  7. Delete account
  8. Github profile snapshot on your profile to track activities across Github
  9. Project notifications for developers with matching skillsets.

Why the change?

During the past 2 months, while onboarding and interacting with students and freshers individually, we realized that many of them don't learn to code early which inhibits them from choosing the path of software development. While many have good exposure, they don't know where and how to find good projects matching their skills and they lack teamwork.

In the case of freshers, during their early days of job hunting as a software-developer, they don't have enough to showcase to potential employers.

Gist of the story ๐Ÿ’ช

The gist of the story is for early job hunting, they have a minimal Linkedin profile, Github profile, and other relevant activities which the employers really want to see in a software developer's resume.

We want to bridge the gap in their job hunting process and their lack of work experience by providing them with good projects to work with to hone their skills. Also, integrating with major platforms (such as, but not limited to, Github, Stackoverflow, Quora, etc) to bring all their activities to one place.

Why you should join?

As a developer, provides the means for freshers and students to build their careers early on as software developers. We help you discover open-source projects you want to work with and while you keep working, we bring your day-to-day activities to one place. You can showcase your portfolio and thank us later.

As a project owner

Learn how to start a project and become a maintainer of a project. You will also learn to manage teams, delegate tasks, manage deadlines, releases, and many more. Good projects receive appreciation.

Road ahead

We are open-source and our services to the people will always be free. The core team will keep adding new features to make the process easier and save time for you.

In the next release, we will integrate

  • Project searches
  • Platform invites
  • Sharing on social media
  • More social platform profiles

If you want to contribute to our code, we would be glad to accept your help. Here are some important links.

Conclusion is helping students and freshers build a tech portfolio early on in their careers. We have already started the onboarding process. Do join our platform.

I am willing to listen to your feedback in the comments below.

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